• pioneers cycling

    breaking new ground, on two wheels and in our communities

  • Who, or what, is Pioneers Cycling?

    We're not a cycling team - in fact, some of our riders are part of Teams and will race in those colors. Other choose to fly the Pioneers jerseys at the start line. There's also a fair portion of us that don't race.


    And that's the point. All of us, no matter when you see us, believe in what Pioneers stands for. We know that there are amazing groups doing amazing things to better Philadelphia, yet not enough people talk about it. That's why, instead of sponsors 'buying' advertising space on our jerseys, we choose six social-good organizations per year, and sponsor them through volunteering and fundraising.


    We're cyclists dedicated to supporting groups doing good in Philly; breaking new ground on two wheels and in our communities.


    Let us show you something new.

  • We ride to support social good organizations, and to unite both their and the cycling communities.

    Each year, we sponsor a handful of social good organizations to bring attention to their missions and work in Philadelphia. Spanning education, wellness & food justice, pets and animal well-being, youth programs, and urban renewal, we represent them on our daily commutes to volunteer work and the starting line.

    Volunteer & Service

    We proudly help organize and volunteer service days and lend our brainpowers to help your cause.


    Our members are highly dedicated to the causes they support - you - helping to bridge & unite networks.


    We race throughout the mid-Atlantic region, and offer a tent/table at these events - staffed by us, or you!


    Proceeds and winnings go back to our sponsors, including profit shares from our sales & events.

  • Our donations to date:

    $3,510 raised

    346 hours of volunteer service

  • Who we Sponsor

    Instead of the typical model of having team sponsors, we chose to sponsor groups doing good for Philadelphia, by harnesses the skills, passion, and time of Philly's cyclists to help deliver and advance our sponsor’s missions.

    A.C. Fairhill

    We help Philadelphia youth through sport, community service and cultural education.

    Providing north Philadelphia youth the space and place to grow community through soccer & neighborhood improvement.


    Norris Square

    Neighborhood Project

    To promote positive change through youth education, community leadership, green spaces, the arts, and the celebration of Latinx cultures

    NSNP envisions a community where youth and adults can positively engage one another, promote cultural awareness and preservation, and advocate for a healthier future for their neighborhoods.


    Rebel Ventures

    Hand crafted healthy snacks and better food, made by the community for the community.

    As an honest youth-run enterprise, we are open about where our ingredients come from & how our rebel products are made. We support local farmers and make our products healthy and affordable for our neighbors. 


    The Monkey & The Elephant Cafe

    Helping former foster youth navigate the transition to adulthood.

    A café offering it's young adults job & life skills training. Our goal is to provide a supportive community where they can become successfully independent. themonkeyandtheelephant.org

    Creative Mornings

    Free monthly series of creative talks to stretch the minds of Philadelphians.

    CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community in the City of Brotherly Love. All events are free of charge and include a 20-minute talk, plus coffee! #cmphl


    Small But Mighty Arts

    A program to give Philadelphia artists the boost they need to pursue their art.

    Our efforts recognize and respond to needs of artists who enhance the arts landscape of the city and are integral to building a stronger creative economy.


  • Our In-Kind Sponsors

    These groups both support what we do and their own 'good work'.

    Powers Irish Whiskey

    Bold Irish Whiskey with a distinctly powerful character, since 1791. Must be 21+ to follow. Drink responsibly. Read more at powerswhiskey.com.

    The Circuit Trails

    The Circuit Trails are a vast regional network of 100s of miles of multi-use trails that grows in size each year. It connects local communities, providing endless opportunities for recreating and commuting.




    Interested in sponsoring our work, or one of the groups we sponsor? Get in touch!

  • we are all pioneers

    Interested in being an in-kind partner? Joining us on a ride? Bringing Pioneers to your city?

    When we're not on our bikes, team members are actively involved with these groups and many more.

    We're always open to partnerships and would love to get you involved, too!